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Passport Fees

Applicants must pay US passport fees before receiving a new passport. However, it can be difficult for applicants to predict how much the US passport cost will be if they have not completed the process before. Although travel expenses can add up quickly, travelers should take care to set aside money in order to pay non-refundable fees as well.

A US passport can cost as little as $30 or as much as several hundred dollars depending on multiple factors. Fees depend on the age of the applicant, what kind of passport the applicant is applying for and whether the applicant has had a passport before, among other qualifiers. Applicants must pay US passport application fees in full in order to acquire the necessary documents. There are very few circumstances under which the Department of State will waive fees, most of which are related to military or diplomatic travel. The sections below detail the range of passport fees an applicant can expect to pay.

Fees for Adult First-Time Applicants

The US passport application fee and the US passport execution feeare two different costs applicants can expect to pay when applying for a first-time adult passport. The application fee is the cost to submit and process your request for a passport. The execution fee is the cost to accept, print and deliver your passport back to you.

The U.S. passport execution fee is $35 for all adult first-time applicants 16 years of age and older. The execution fee is paid to the passport acceptance facility. In rare exceptions requiring an appointment at a passport agency, the fee is paid to the Department of State instead.

For first-time adult applicants, U.S. passport application fees can vary. An application for a passport card, only valid for travel in the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico costs $30. An application for a passport book, which is valid for all international travel, costs $110. U.S. passport application fees for both total $140. All passports issued to adults are valid for 10 years.

A regular application process will take four to six weeks to complete. If an applicant wants a passport sooner, then he or she can request that their application is expedited. Expediting a passport comes with an additional expedited fee. Expediting a US passport application can cost anywhere from $60 to $700, depending on how quickly the applicant wants the passport. Therefore, a US passport can cost hundreds of dollars in some situations. If an applicant requests an expedited passport through the State Department, then his or her passport will arrive in two to three weeks. A third-party passport provider can expedite a passport application, by processing your request in as little as one business day.

Fees For Child Applicants

US passport fees for children younger than 16 years of age are less than those for adults. Unlike adults’ passports, children’s passports are only valid for five years. Additionally, children must apply for a new passport every time their passports expire until they turn 16 years of age. Children cannot renew their passports.

Like adult applicants, the US passport execution fee for all children’s passports is $35. The price of a passport book for a child is $80. The price of a passport card is $15, and the price for both is $95. Children’s passports can also be expedited for an additional expedited passport fee.

Fees for Passport Renewals

Adults will only have to pay US passport application fees if renewing their passports, as there is not the fee for execution. However, the application fees do not change for a passport renewal. A passport book application costs $110. A passport card application costs $30, and the price for a passport book and a passport card is $140. Renewed passports can also be expedited for an additional expedited passport fee.

Fees for Special Circumstances

Additional US passport fees may be warranted in some special circumstances. Those circumstances include situations such as requesting a change on your passport or requesting a file search for evidence of citizenship. Some changes may require paying all U.S. passport fees again.

If a passport holder notices a data error on his or her passport, then the State Department will change the passport for free. However, if a passport holder chooses to change his or her name on the passport, then fees can vary from $0 to $165 depending on the circumstances. To find out what changing their name on a US passport will cost, individuals should contact the State Department. Sometimes, an applicant may require a file search to locate citizenship documents required for a passport application. In that case, he or she will be charged an additional US passport fee of $150.

US Passport Fees Payment Methods

There are multiple ways of applying for a US passport. Each method will require different modes of payment. Applicants must bring the correct form of payment for their passports.

If an applicant is submitting his or her application at a passport acceptance facility,then include a check or money order for US passport application fees. The check or money order should be made out to the U.S. Department of State. The US passport execution feeof $35 can be paid by money order, check, cash or credit card depending on the location.

Applicants submitting their request by mail must pay all U.S. passport fees by check or money order. Cash or credit card information cannot be sent through the mail. The check or money order should be addressed to the U.S. Department of State. If an applicant is applying at a passport agency, then theUS passport fees can be paid by credit card, check, money order, cash or gift card.