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Passport Name Change

To complete a passport name change, you may need to completethe U.S. passport renewal process or the update process, depending on how recent your passport document is. However, you must make sure that you legally change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) before doing so. While both processes require several identifying documents, there are specific documents that must be submitted with the appropriate passport application. The application you must complete will vary depending if you meet certain eligibility requirements. Furthermore, you must meet certain qualifications to be able to mail your request along with its supporting documents. If you do not meet these conditions, you will have to visit a passport-processing facility in person. Read the following sections below to learn more on how to change your name on your passport.

Reasons for Passport Name Change

Many citizens complete a U.S.passport renewal after legally changing their name. The most common reason for name change is marriage and divorce. For example, some individuals maytake a spouse’s surname after marriage but change it back after a divorce. Others may choose to hyphenate their last names when getting married, meaning they include both last names in their name change process. Furthermore, individuals may obtain a Social Security name change if they simply do not like their name or have transitioned genders. Every U.S. citizen has the right to change his or her name as long as its purpose is not to commit fraud. Passport applicants will not be able to change their name if they are:

Completing a Social Security Name Change

You will not be legally recognized by your new name until you update your information with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This means you must submit an application for a Social Security name changebefore applying for a U.S. passport name change. To complete the process, submit the following documents to your local Social Security office by mail or in person:

There is no charge to update your name with the SSA. While your Social Security Number will not change, you will receive a new card reflecting your new name. Once this process has been completed, you may move forward with changing your name on other identification documents, such as your U.S. passport.

How to Get a PassportUpdated After a Name Change

To change your name on your passport, you must apply for an updated document or a U.S. passport renewal.The process differs slightly depending on when you requested your passport. The process can be completed in person or by mail, depending on the form you are eligible to complete. You may fill out a form online and print it out with the typed information, or you can print a blank form and complete it by hand. If you are requesting a passport name change less than one year after your passport was issued, you must submit the U.S. Passport - Corrections, Name Change Form (DS-5504) by mail. In this case, you will not have to submit any fees unless you are sending your application through expedited shipping.

If you are requesting a replacement passport more than one year after it was issued, you may be eligible to submit a U.S. Passport Renewal Form(DS-82) by mail. If you are not eligible for the by-mail renewal, you must visit a passport office location or another facility that handles passport transactions. Some of these acceptance facilities include courthouses and United States Postal Service (USPS) offices. When completing the in-person transaction, you mustsubmit a standard application for a passport, Form DS-11. Eligibility to complete arenewal form by mail requires that:

When requesting the update by mail, your current passport must list your current name or you must be able to provide certified or original proof of your name change.

You must submit the Form DS-11 at a U.S. passport office if you are currently using a different name and cannot provide documentation of a legal name change. Regardless of which form you are eligible to complete, these forms must be submitted with the appropriate documentation. If you are submitting a form by mail, you must use USPS.

Documents Needed for Passport Renewal

When learning how to renew a passport or update the credentials, it is important that you submit the appropriate paperwork to complete the transaction. The types of documents you need to submit to your local U.S. passport office vary depending on your situation. Make sure that you bring or mail the paperwork so that your passport renewal process is not delayed.

Less Than One Year After Your Passport was Issued

The Department of U.S. Passports and International Travel does not issue a fee when completing a passport name change less than one year after your passport was originally issued. When completing the request by mail, you must submit:

When submitting your name change document, make sure that it is the original document and not a photocopy or notarized copy. Your original document will be mailed back to you separate from your passport once the passport renewal process is complete.

More Than One Year After Your Passport was Issued

If you are requesting a U.S. passport name change more than a year after their original passport was issued, youmust check to see if you are eligible to complete the process by mail or in person before gathering documentation.If you are eligible to submit Form DS-82 by mail, you must submit the following documents:

If you are ineligible to submit Form DS-82 by mail, you must bring the following documents to your local U.S. passport office:

You are not required to submit evidence of name change if you changed your name because of marriage and have a valid ID presenting your new name. However, make sure you include the details of your marriage when filling out Form DS-11.

What if you do not have a court order, divorce decree or marriage certificate?

You may still complete the U.S. passport name change process if you do not have a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order as proof of legal name change. However, you must have a valid ID issued in your new name along with a photocopy of that ID as well. If your name is significantly different than your previous name and cannot be proved with a marriage certificate or court order, you must complete an Affidavit Regarding a Change of Name, Form DS-60. You must request that two people who have known you by both names fill out the form as well. Additionally, you will need to provide:

The passport renewal cost varies depending on your age. If you are 16 years of age or older, you must pay the appropriate adult fee. If you are under the age of 16, you will be required to pay a child applicant fee.

How long does it take to get a passport name change?

The U.S. passport processing time generally takes four to six weeks. If you request the expedited passport service, the process may take two to three weeks. On the other hand, you may receive your passport in eight business days if you request expedited service in person at your local passport office. If you are looking to process your application in as little as one business day, you may request to expedite your passport through a third-party service.