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Correct Passport Information

Changing or correcting information on a US passport is simple and important. The most common reasons for making passport corrections are:

  1. Name changes.
  2. Printing or spelling errors.
  3. Passport address correction.

Below, you will find instructions on how to change and correct information on a US passport.

How to Make Corrections in Passports

If you need to change or correct your US passport, you have a few ways to request a passport application correction. Not to mention, there are different types of Error on Passport Application forms. Depending on whether you changed your name, there was misprint or the wrong address is associated, follow the according protocol.

When you submit your application, you also need to send a passport photo. Learn about requirements on the Passport Photo page.

Printing Errors and Passport Spelling Corrections

When the US passport agency incorrectly prints information, passport corrections are free. For instance, the following details are the most common misprints on passports:

When you make a name correction on passport, passport spelling correction, or other type of passport error correction within one year of issuance, you will receive a brand new passport. This corrected US passport will then be valid for another 10 years from the date of issuance.

On the other hand, if you submit an Error on Passport Application form more than one year after the passport was first issued, the corrected passport will have the same expiration date as before.

How to Correct Mistakes on Passport Application

There are three ways to make a US passport correction – online, by mail or in person.


To correct names on passports or other types of errors, you can complete a Passport Corrections application online with authorized agents. You will be responsible for mailing a passport photo to the address provided. In addition, you have to provide an official legal document that proves your legal name.

Correct a Passport in Person or by Mail

Download and print application form DS-5504 – this will be your How to Correct Passport Application form, along with instructions. Once completed and signed, mail it to the address provided, or go to a US passport agency in person. If you are submitting the form to correct name on passport information, you may also have to provide another form of identification that verifies your real name.

How to Change Names on Passports

While knowing how to correct names on passports is useful for when the US passport agency makes the mistake – changing the name on your US passport is a different process.

The reasons for processing a passport name change are:

Depending on how long you have held your current passport, the application process and cost will differ.

Changing Names on Passports One Year After Issuance

When you need a passport name correction form processed within one year, there are no fees – with the exception of the expedited mailing option.


You can process a passport name change form online with an authorized agent. The agency will need to receive a color passport photo, a current passport as well as the original or certified name change document:

In Person or By Mail

Print out and complete Form DS-5504, then mail the completed and signed US passport name change request form to the address provided. The alternative would be to make an appointment with a US passport agency and submit the form in person.

Form DS-5504 must be submitted (for both by mail and in person methods) with a color passport photo, an original or certified copy of the name change copy, and your current US passport.

Changing Names More than One Year After Passport Issuance

If you changed your name more than one year after your current passport was issued, there is a different set of instructions to follow. Review how to correct names on passports after a legal name change below.


You can make a passport name change correction form online with a certified agency. In order to process your passport corrections request, the agency will need to receive the following items:

In Person or By Mail

To make a name correction on passport documentation in person or by mail, first you must determine which form you are eligible for: Form DS-82 or Form DS-11.

You are eligible to use Passport Name Correction Form DS-82 if:

If you do not meet all these requirements, then you are limited to correct name on passport Form DS-11. Form DS-11 can only be submitted in person as well; therefore scheduling an appointment with your local US passport agency is priority. In addition, you do not need to show proof of the legal name change. Instead, just provide your current identification card (like a driver’s license) that displays your new name.

To change or correct passport information within the same year, the cost is free. If you are changing or correcting passport book information one year after it was issued, then US citizens must pay $110.