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Add Passport Pages

When applying for an American passport, you have the option to apply for a 52-page passport. Once requested, a 52 page passport will be sent with 43 pages left blank. If the box offering the extra passport pages is not checked, you will receive a standard-sized passport with 28 pages. Seventeen of those pages are left blank to be used when traveling. They are for entering visas and country entry/exit stamps, and in some cases, can be filled in before the expiration date on a US passport. If you find yourself without enough empty pages, US Passport holders have the option add pages to passports.

Even if you have just a few pages free for important stamps, you are encouraged to apply for new pages for passports. Some countries have restrictions in place that prohibit entry when passports have two or less consecutive blank pages, such as South Africa. It is important you review the entry regulations prior to traveling, so your process through immigration is seamless.

How to Add Pages to Passport

Adding pages to passports in the US requires little effort. New pages for passports are provided in packets of 24 blank visa pages, and can only be done if the US passport is valid, and if you can mail your passport in to be altered.

To receive additional passport pages, fill out Form DS-4085. You can mail the Passport Additional Pages form in to the address provided, in person at a US Passport agency, or submit it online through an authorized agent.

Fortunately with the online passport extra pages form, you can also request for the US passport pages addition process to be expedited if:

The request for more pages in passports is common in the US. Although you may not need more passport pages at this point in time, simply knowing how to get extra passport pages is beneficial for when you are in a hurry to leave the country. Once the need for passport blank pages is required, the online form will walk you through the necessary steps.

52 Page Passport

If your expiration date is in six months or less, you are encouraged to apply for a new passport book. Some countries consider passports invalid with this expiration date timeline, therefore it would be in your better interest to apply for a new passport and request a 52 page passport.

Below is a list of countries that require passports to have a certain number of months’ validity remaining from the date of your return to the US:

Six Months’ Time Remaining

Note, for example, that if you are flying from one of these countries on June 1, your US passport must be valid through Dec. 1.

Three Months’ Time Remaining

Note, for example, that if you are flying home from one of the above countries on June 1, your passport must be valid up to Sept. 1. 

There are other countries that apply specific passport rules, therefore you are advised to check the government site of the country you are visiting.

Fees for adding pages to passports is $82.