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Passport Appointments

People schedule US passport appointments for one of two reasons. Applicants can schedule a US passport application appointment to simply complete the passport application process and submit documents at an approved acceptance facility like a United States Postal Office. The second appointment may be made to receive a new, expedited passport from a passport agency. Either way, scheduling that appointment now can save applicants trouble in the future.

Passport applicants can schedule a passport appointment at multiple facilities across the country. If an applicant wants a new passport but does not want to wait in line, then an appointment at an acceptance facility can help them skip lines and complete the application process quickly. A passport agency appointment can also help if an applicant requires a passport as soon as possible and cannot wait multiple weeks. However, both methods are reserved for applicants applying for a new passport. Neither step is appropriate for passport holders who need their documents renewed. Learn about how to prepare for each appointment in the sections below.

Schedule a US Passport Application

Portions of the US passport application form must be filled out with or by an authorized agent. All applications for a new passport require meeting an agent. Some passport acceptance facilities allow walk-ins, but applicants may have to wait in line or return later if an agent is not available. Scheduling an appointment for a passport ensures an applicant will complete the process in 20 minutes or less.

Applicants can schedule a US passport application appointment at an acceptance facility online or by phone, depending on the facility. Most United States Post Offices offer passport acceptance services. USPS US passport appointments can be made online. The State Department also maintains a list of passport acceptance facilities.

To schedule an appointment, passport applicants should locate the nearest acceptance facility or post office that offers passport services. US passport appointments typically take 15 minutes to complete. Once the appointment is scheduled, applicants should gather all the documents required to submit their passport application. These documents include the following:

Applicants should arrive at their US passport appointments with all the required documents. The facility will send the application for processing. Applicants can expect to receive their new passports in four to six weeks.

Schedule an Expedited Passport Appointment

Unlike United States passport appointments at a standard acceptance facility, a passport agency appointment enables applicants to expedite their applications. A passport expedited at an agency will arrive in eight business days. Passport agencies only allow applicants to make an appointment if they require a passport within two weeks or a visa within four weeks. To schedule a passport agency appointment, applicants must provide proof that they have immediate travel plans. In addition, they will be charged an additional expedite fee.

To schedule a U.S. passport application with a passport agency, you must make an appointment at the passport agency in your state. Most states only have one passport agency. For example, Florida has one passport agency located in Miami. A few states have multiple agencies located throughout the state. For example, California has agencies in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

You can make an appointment online through the State Department or by phone through the National Passport Information Center. When you make your appointment, you will be asked to specify what your travel date is, how many applicants you need a passport or visa for and what time you want to make your appointment. U.S. passport appointments at an agency take half an hour to complete. After you make your passport agency appointment, gather all the necessary documents to complete your application. This includes the following:

You will need to bring your documents as well as your method of payment. At your passport agency appointment, an agent will help you complete the application process and submit your documents. Once your documents are submitted, you will receive an expedited passport in eight business days.

If you require an expedited renewed passport, then you must complete the process by mail, which can take between three to six weeks. You cannot schedule US passport appointments to renew a passport through acceptance facilities. If you require expedited passport services for a new passport and seek them from a passport agency, then allow enough time before your expected travel date to receive the passport. If you require a passport sooner than eight business days, then you have the option to use a third-party passport service. Third-party passport services can expedite your passport in as little as one business day, and they save you the need to visit an office in person.