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Passport Renewal Flagship

There are a few reasons why American renew passport credentials. The first is the most obvious: There is an approaching expiration date and a passport renewal form must be submitted to continue traveling abroad.

Another reason in which it is necessary for an individual to go through passport renewal is if a US citizen has changed his or her name several years into having the passport issued. The United States requires that you update your personal documents if you undergo a name change, and these include your passport, driver’s license and more. For more details on how to change names on US passports, visit the Correct Passport page.

A number of documents must be provided in order to perform a renewal of passport (visit the Passport Renewal page). USPS passport renewal forms are also necessary. So if you would like to learn more about necessary documentation, the forms and other application requirements, simply read through the sections below.

Passport DS-82 Application

In order to apply for an expired passport renewal, submit a DS-82 Form, which can be filled out in two ways. Travelers can fill out the renew passport form DS-82 by hand or online and print the completed version. The passport application can be turned in to a Passport Agency in person or by mail.

In terms of passport renewal cost, prices vary based on the documentation that you request:

One advantage to renewing passport documents is that customers are not charged an execution fee as they are when purchasing new passports. In addition, US passport holders can renew passports online with the assistance of an authorized agent and receive a new passport book faster.

Necessary Documents

Other than the DS-82 application, there is typically only one main document to provide when renewing passport credentials. It is your previous passport card or booklet, depending on what needs to be renewed. As long as your documentation was issued in the last 15 years, or when you were under 16, you can go through USPS passport renewal. Information about required documentation can also be found on the Passport Renewal page.

The only time when another document would be necessary is if your reason for passport renewal is because of a name change. In order to perform a change of name on passport, you must give proof in the form of a court order, divorce decree or marriage certificate.

Passport Photos

Similar to the process of applying for a first passport, you must provide a photo to renew passport documentation. The passport picture must meet all of the following requirements in order to be considered acceptable:

Other guidelines about pictures can be found in the Passport Photo page.