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Child and Baby Flagship

When applying for a child passport correctly, there are three parts to the passport application process to consider:

Fortunately, all that you need to know regarding how to submit a new passport application for child is featured in the sections below, including details on how to apply for passports online.

Passport Application Form DS-11

US children who need a passport submit the same passport application as adults – the DS-11 form. This US passport application can be filled out online and printed or completed by hand. It can then be submitted to one of the following:

In terms of cost, the price of submitting passport forms for minors varies based on the desired passport credentials:

In addition to these base passport prices, customers also pay a $25 execution fee when placing a passport order.

Documents to Bring

When getting a passport for a baby or a minor, you will need to provide all of the following documents in addition to your DS-11 printable form:

Proof of Identity: To get a passport for minors, bring one of these acceptable documents:

Identity Document Photocopy: When applying for a passport for toddlers, be sure to provide a photocopy of the identity document that meets the below criteria:

Proof of Citizenship: Filing a passport application for minors requires showing proof of US citizenship for the applicant’s parents:

Proof of Parental Relationship: Given that parents must usually apply on behalf of a child or play a role in the minor’s passport application, one of the following proofs of parental relationship must be provided:

Parental Consent: The final piece of documentation necessary for a new passport application for child is parental consent. This requirement can easily be met when two parents sign the passport application form DS-11. If one parent cannot sign, a signed and notarized DS-3053 Form needs to be provided from the parent or guardian that is not present.

In the event a child only has one parent or guardian, the responsible party must show evidence of sole authority with one of the following:

Without proof of sole custody, the responsible party can submit Form DS-5525, Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances Form.

Taking a Passport Picture

The final step US citizens take before sending in a child passport application is taking a passport picture. But first, make sure that the photo meets all of the requirements below:

More information about passport photo regulations can be found on the Passport Photo page.