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Passport Renewal Checklist

There are various steps needed to renew passport documents. You are recommended to follow the Passport Renewal checklist below to guarantee that no necessary documents are forgotten. This is because applicants are required to do much more than just fill out a basic passport renewal form. There are passport fees that must be paid and certain documents that need to be provided if you want to get your passport renewed successfully.

More information and details are provided on the Renew Passports page.

For a complete inventory of required materials, consult the list featured below:

DS-82 Form, US Passport Renewal Application for Eligible Individuals: A passport renewal request Form DS-82 application can be sent in by mail or taken in person to a local Passport Agency, Consulate or Embassy.

For a more convenient renew passport application process, US citizens can also choose to renew passports online with an authorized agent.

Previous Passport Card or Booklet: Verify that the booklet or passport card was issued in the last 15 years, when you were under the age of 16. If you choose to apply for the renewal of passport by mail or online, you will get your booklet or card back once your Form DS-82 is processed.

Passport Photo: Just as with the new passport application, Americans applying for passport renewals must provide a 2”x2” photo of themselves in front of a white background. This photo can be taken at a number of local stores, including FedEx and Walgreens, and can feature eyeglasses and headwear for religious purposes. There are certain guidelines to be met though, take time to review them on the Passport Photo page.

Name Change Document: If your name has changed since your last passport was issued, be sure to enclose a name change document along with your DS-82 application. Acceptable name change documents include certified copies of your marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order for a change of name on passport.

Fees: Passport renewal cost is not the same for every applicant. Travelers who need to renew passports more quickly than others will have to pay an extra price for expedited services. Those who only have to renew a passport card also pay less than Americans renewing passport booklets.

Online Applicants

Americans who would like to perform an expired passport renewal online with an authorized agent must review certain standards. First of all, submitting a DS-82 application online will help you to get your passport faster than other services. Secondly, applicants must provide various other documents when applying for a renewal of passport online. These include: