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Infants and Children Checklist

If you are applying for a child passport, it is recommended that you follow a basic checklist. A clear set of instructions helps to stay organized and is the perfect tool when filling out a passport application for babies or minors under 16.

To keep the process simple and efficient, use the Get Passports for Kids checklist below to gather the necessary items:

DS-11 Form, Application for a US Passport: Just like with an adult first-time applicant, all US citizens under the age of 16 are required to fill out passport application for minors Form Ds-11. It is available online and can be printed or filled out by hand. It is acceptable for parents or legal guardians to fill the application, in addition to including the Social Security Number on the child passport application.

The alternative way of processing a new passport application for children is to use a reliable online service agency.

Proof of US Citizenship: When US citizens apply for passports for baby or minors, the following proofs of United States citizenship are needed

Most applicants choose to provide a birth certificate as their proof of citizenship. This is also acceptable. But to submit passport forms for minors, all submitted birth certificates must meet the US Department of State requirements:

Proof of Identity: In addition to proof of citizenship, anyone who is getting a passport for a baby or a child needs to show proof of identity as well, but the evidence of ID must be for both parents, unless the minor has a form of ID. Acceptable forms include:

ID Photocopies: Parents filing new passport applications for children or minors must include photocopies of the front and the back their IDs. The photocopies must meet these specifications:

In the event you cannot get both the front and back on one side of a page when completing a child passport application, submit two pages: one with the front of the ID on one side and one with the back of the ID on one side.

Proof of Parental Relationship: All parents applying for a minor’s passport must provide one of the following documents to prove the relationship with the minor:

Parental Consent: Consent must also be provided when submitting a new passport application for children. This is satisfied when two parents sign off on the DS-11 Form. In the event one parent cannot be present to submit the child passport application, then a signed and notarized DS-3053 Form, Statement of Consent from the non-applying parent/guardian must be provided.

Children with one parent or guardian can show proof of sole authority with one of the below:

If a parent cannot obtain proof of sole custody of the child, a DS-5525, Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances Form needs to be submitted.

Fees: Passport prices for a US minor’s passport depends on the situation. Factors that affect passport application fees for minors are age, whether a passport book or card is needed, and if the service is expedited.

Authorized agents give you the chance to submit a passport application for babies or minors online as well. Review the Expedited Passports page for further details.

Passport Photo: The final item to prepare for a child passport application is a 2”x2” passport photo. The child or minor should not smile photograph, and instead maintain a neutral facial expression. Applicants are allowed to wear head coverings for religious purposes or seeing eyeglasses. For more information, visit the Passport Photo page.