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First-Time Applicants Checklist

If not approached in an organized way, applying for a new passport becomes a difficult and trying event. The most efficient way of getting a new passport is to follow the simple set of instructions found in the New Passport page.

As you review the details for how to get a new passport, the necessary forms can be found below:

DS-11 Form, Application for a US Passport: You have two options for filling out the DS-11 Form – you can print out the document and fill in your personal information by hand, or you can fill out the application online and print a copy that is already completed. To get a new passport, US citizens must provide their Social Security Number on the form, but you cannot sign the document until you are instructed to do so by a Passport Acceptance Agent or an online authorized agent.

Proof of US Citizenship: When you apply for first time passport credentials, US passport applicants must provide evidence of citizenship in the United States. Acceptable forms of proof include:

The most common proof of citizenship a traveler can provide to get a new passport is a birth certificate. The birth certificate must meet all of the following requirements in order to be accepted by the US Department of State:

Proof of Identity: All new passport applicants must provide evidence of ID as well. These include:

ID Photocopies: In addition to providing proof of identity, US citizens filing a passport first time application are also required to give a photocopy of the back and front of each identity document that is submitted. Regulations regarding the photocopy are as follows:

Fees: Passport fees vary based on a number of factors, including whether you are requesting a booklet or a card, whether you required express delivery and if you are applying in person or online. Authorized agents can expedite your online passport application, and fees for services apply.

Passport Photo: As an applicant for a new passport, you must go to an acceptable passport photo location and have a 2”x2” picture taken of you in front of a white background. Head coverings are acceptable for religious purposes, as are seeing eyeglasses. You must provide this photo when you apply for first time passport documents. For more specifications, review the Passport Photo page.

Expedite an Online Passport Application

To apply for a first time passport online, soon-to-be international travelers have the option to expedite the passport application. There is an extra fee of roughly $60, and additional documents will be needed, such as authorization letters and a travel itinerary. Visit the New Passport or Expedited Passports pages for more details.