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Passports for Minors 16 and 17

The requirements one must follow to apply for a minor’s application aged 16 or 17 differs from passport for kids. To start with, a minor who is 16 or 17 may apply for a new passport themselves; however, they are required to do so in person with the proper documentation. If you need assistance with the process, an authorized agent can help you.

Necessary Documents

Just like other adult applicants who want to get a new passport, those who are 16 or 17 are also required to submit proof of United States citizenship. One of the following documents is accepted:

A photo ID is also required when you apply for first time passports, and any of the following are considered acceptable documents:

Passport Photo

Another important part of obtaining a new passport consists of taking your passport photo. A passport photo must meet the following requirements to be used:

For those individuals who wear prescription glasses, you must have them on when taking your first passport photo. However, dark glasses that cover the eyes cannot be worn, unless they are for medical purposes. If that is the case, you are required to submit a confirmation statement from your doctor. For more details, visit the Passport Photo page.

United States Passport Application

The form minors ages 16 and 17 submit to apply for first time passport is DS-11. When filling out the application, you must have key, personal information available on hand, such as full name, date of birth and physical description. If you wish to complete your application online and thereafter print it out, have a printer nearby and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in the computer.

Although a minor age 16 or 17 can submit a passport application in person alone, it is recommended that a parent accompanies him or her to an authorized passport agency or passport facility.

When submitting your United States passport application, it is important to note that you are also required to pay applicable fees. These fees may vary, depending on whether or not you are applying for a passport book, a passport card or both:

Keep in mind that additional fees are applied if you wish to have your passport expedited to you.

Passport agencies accept cash (in the exact amount), money orders, checks and credit cards.

Learn more about fees on the Passport Fees page.