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Passports for Minors Under 16

If you are a minor or need a child passport for somebody under the age of 18, there are certain guidelines to abide by when requesting a passport for minors. The option to get new passports online is also available through an authorized service agency.

First take note that for any minor under the age of 17, a passport application must be presented in person, either at a passport center or an authorized agency. Additionally, the minor must also make an in-person appearance at the agency for the child passport application to be properly processed. If you are applying for your minor child, submit a few key documents to ensure that your request is fulfilled.

United States Passport Application

A United States passport application (Form DS-11) for minors must be completed by hand or printed from the Web and thereafter presented at a US passport agency. Along with a passport for infant application, the applying parent must also submit a Statement of Consent: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor under Age 16(Form DS-3053) in person. If the non-applying parent cannot make a physical visit to the passport agency, then they will need to complete “item 3” on the Consent form (DS-3053). For instance, when applying online through a service agency.

United States Citizenship Documentation

When getting passport forms for minors, you must submit proof of United States citizenship. One of the following documents can be used as evidence:

Proof of parental documentation must also be presented, as it will serve to prove that you are, in fact, the parent of the minor. Acceptable documents include:

Parental Consent for Passport

A passport request for a minor cannot be completed unless parents or guardians of the child are physically present to provide necessary consent. Should the minor only have one parent or guardian, then additional documentation is required to show proof of single authority:

Other Requirements

When obtaining a new passport for children, US parents also need to present a passport color picture printed on either matte or glossy photo quality paper and measuring 2 x 2 inches in size. For your convenience, you may do this at a passport center or an authorized agency. To learn more about US passport photo requirements, visit the Passport Photo page.

Passport for kids fees are as follows:

If you wish to receive expedited services, additional fees will apply. To apply for passports for kids, you can also use an online service agency.