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Requirements to Apply for a US Passport

You must meet all US passport requirements when submitting your application for a passport. This means gathering and filling out all the documents and paying all fees required to complete your application. If you do not submit all required documents and fees on time along with your application, your request may be delayed or rejected. To discover exactlywhat is needed to apply for a US passport, review the sections below.

Somedocuments for your passport application may require additional appointments or planning to acquire, such as your passport photo. Begin gathering your documents well before you intend to submit your passport application to ensure a smooth process. This way, you can ensure youhave everything completed so that you can submit all your required documents together. Additionally, make sure you understand US passport requirements thoroughly before beginning your application so that you know whether or not you qualify before starting a lengthy process.

Documents Required for a Passport Application

Gather all the documents and forms required for your US passport application before submitting them. Some documentswill require extra time to obtain. For instance, your passport photo will requireyou to visit a photographer or pharmacy that offers passport photos. To submit your US passport application through the government, you will need the following documents:

*NOTE: US passport requirements specify that you must submit a photocopy of the front and back pages of your proof of identity with your application. The copies should both be printed on the same side of the page. The photocopy must be on a standard 8.5 inches x 11 inches sheet of paper and should not have any additional markings.

On the other hand, third-party passport providers offer a simpler application procedure for maximum convenience and expedited processing if you require travel documentation urgently.

Reasons Your Application May Be Rejected

Before gathering documents for your passport application, check to confirm that you are eligible to receive a US passport. US passport requirements state that you must be a current citizen or national of the United States to receive a passport. However, not all citizens are eligible to receive a US passport. There are numerous factors that can disqualify you from receiving documentation. You are not eligible for a US passport if:

In addition, US passport requirements note that the State Department can deny your application at the discretion of the state. Potential reasons for passport application denialon the part of the state can include felony or misdemeanor convictions. Additionally, if the state believes you pose a threat to national security or foreign policy, your application may be denied.

Falsifying legaldocuments for your passport application, forging signatures or lying on forms required for your US passport application will result in a denied application as well and possible prosecution. You can receive up to 25 years in federal prison for falsifying your application. Therefore, fill out all documents for your passport applicationby yourself as accurately as possible, and double-check the forms for accuracy. If you have any questions about how to accurately fill out the form, you can ask an agent or seek assistance from a third-party provider. For quickest service, approved third parties can process official US passport applications in as little as one business day.