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Applying for a US Passport from Outside US

If you are currently overseas and need to get a new passport, it is important to know there is a different set of rules and requirements you will need to abide by. Unlike adult passport applicants who are in the United States at the time of obtaining a new passport, individuals located outside the country will not be required to follow the submission instructions on the form. An authorized agent can guide you through the process, should you need assistance.

Out-of-Country Application Process

Those who are outside the United States are required to use Form DS-11 passport application when applying for a new passport. In order to submit your passport application from outside the US, you must contact your local embassy or consulate.

While applying for your passport book, you may also request a passport card. Take into consideration, however, that a passport card can only be used for traveling by land or by sea to Mexico, the Caribbean islands or Canada. You cannot use a passport card when traveling by plane.

Required Documents

When visiting your local embassy or consulate, you are required to present certain documentation to verify your identity, as well as your United States citizenship. There are different proofs of identity documents you may be asked to submit based on your international location; therefore it is best to consult with your local embassy or consulate prior to visiting their offices.

Passport Photo

To have your passport application fully processed internationally and without delay, you must make sure to bring a new passport photo. Before heading to your local embassy, check that the following passport photo requirements have been met. Your photo must:

All travelers are advised to take a passport picture at a professional photo center, to ensure the proper passport photo requirements are met. Learn more about requirements at the Passport Photo page.

Required Fees

Getting a new passport costs the same as the passport renewal fees:

Expedited services are not available for passports that need to be sent out of the country. Additionally, personal checks and money orders are not accepted at embassies or consulates when paying for your international passport.

When You Can Expect to Get Your Passport

Your passport request will be fulfilled and processed in the United States and thereafter sent to your embassy or consulate. It is best to speak to a representative in person, so that you can receive precise clarification about when you can expect to get a new passport. See where you can apply for US passports at the Passport Locations page.

Even though processing times may vary, the expected delivery is between four to six weeks after your application has been received. For passports applications processed in the United States, you can request expedited service and get it in the mail within three weeks. Should you have your passport expedited with an online agency, then delivery will take place within eight business days.

Once your passport is ready to be mailed to your local embassy or consulate, the United States Department of State, Bureau of Consulate Affairs will notify you by mail. Therefore, make sure to include your email address on your application.